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Less than a month!

30days to be exact (but who's counting)

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In less than a month I will be Jetting off on a trip of a lifetime! I will be headed to Sippy Downs Australia, also know as the Sunshine Coast! There I will be spending a semester taking classes at the University of the Sun Shine Coast (I know it almost sounds to good to be true). I can't wait for this trip to start; I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity to explore a whole new country for an entire semester! I will be leaving from Detroit on February 7th and arriving in Brisbane Australia on the 9th! From there I will be taking a bus about an hour up the coast to my university. (This puts me about 14hours by car from Sydney).

I have been so blessed to have met a friend going to the same University as I am! God works in great ways, Ashley sat next to me all semester in one of my chemistry classes and a few days into the semester mentioned she was also going to be studying abroad in the winter. After a short conversation we realized we would be studying at the same university! We will be flying together and also living in a four-bedroom apartment when we arrive (we are Praying for two other great roommate who we will meet when we arrive). Having Ashley to fly and travel with while I am there has put my parents mind at ease!

There is still so much to do in these last few weeks, finalize paperwork through Grand Valley, Pack, Work, See friends, and so many other little details I know this last few weeks will just fly by! I can't believe that in a month I will be in Australia. My dreams of traveling there are finally coming true. The reality of spending 6months in a foreign country halfway around the world from my friends and family is starting to hit me. I am so grateful for this opportunity and can't wait to embark on my travels but it will be hard to say good bye, thank goodness for skype :). The time while I am there will also fly by as I experience new things every day. My goal while I am there besides attending my classes and studying, seeing the country Australia and the Beautiful country of New Zealand, is to live every day in the moment. I don't want to regret any part of this trip and want to live in the moment, never wishing I was anywhere else but right when I am in that moment. God has given me such a wonderful opportunity and I know this is his plan for my life right now and he will use me in amazing ways over there and I can't wait to see it all happen! If I am living anywhere else besides in the moment I will miss out on so much! That is why this bog is titled Living in the Moment, a reminder for me to take it all in, experience as much as possible and live in the Moment!

As the trip gets closer and other excursions get planed (such as my surfing trip! yes I will be pro by the time I come home!) my excitement builds. I can't wait to share pictures, (hopefully good ones thanks to my new camera I received for Christmas and the Photography class I will be taking through the university) Stories and all my wonderful experiences with all of you through this blog. When I am in Australia I will try to keep it updated for all of you at home, I know it is always fun to stay in the loop! Come see me before I leave!

In Him,

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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