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Day Four

and Loving every minute!

sunny 83 °F

So we have made it through our first few days on the sunshine coast. And so far it has lived up to its name. We had some rain this morning, but it was nice, It rained hard but not for long. The sweet smell of the rain was a great reminder of summer time at home. It was a nice warm rain so we weren’t complaining my window was open the whole morning it was a soothing sound of the rain on the tin roofs outside. The breeze coming through my window right now is so wonderful! It is mid afternoon here and I am taking a short break from the sun, it is INTENSE here, though I am not complaining because it is wonderful my skin is just not used to it yet so I am trying to be smart about it. We have done so much in the past few days I feel like it has been longer than just four days.
Friday: we got up and headed back to the plaza for our bikes. We got them for a mere 98dollars! Kmart is great! We had to get a few tools to put them together because they came in a box; we carried them back to the uni on the bus and then back to the apartments. It took us about 25mins to put them together, everyone at the apartments were very impressed! I can’t wait to take them out for a ride, we have been so busy we haven’t gotten a chance but I think I might go out this afternoon! After we got out bikes all put together we had to go to the pav and get our pictures taken for our ids then it was off to the beach with some new friends. We went to Alexandra Head beach it was very pretty, sorta rocky but the rocks are smooth and flat so easy to walk on so it was nice to walk and the rocks were very pretty. We saw some surfers up close and it made me very excited to go next weekend! When we came home we were off to the store, our first trip in a car here and it took all three of us in the car to keep the car on the right side of the road (which of course is the left ☺) Ryan drove(he is from Canada, one of our new friends) it was his first time driving here so you can imagine the adventure we had! We picked up some steaks and potatoes to have our first Australian Barbie (barbeque) it was so good, we were thrilled to have real food after all the pbandj we have been having. Then it was off to the pav to hang out for a bit and then too bed because we were still adjusting.
Saturday: we got up and hung around the apartment in the morning, caught up with some people on skype and through email. Then off to the beach with some friends again. we tried and new beach called Kawana, it was absolutely Gorgeous! I could have stayed all day. The waves were big and we had a lot of fun playing in them. The bus stop was next to a woolys (the grocery store) so we went in and got some corn and hamburgers and a few other things to have another Barbie that night, it was so good! We had a great time meeting some more new people who had arrived that day. After the Barbie Ashley and I were kinda tired from the sun and the waves so we went up and sat on our porch for a few hours and talked, it got a little chilly because the sun had set so we both put on a jumper (a sweater or a sweatshirt, we are trying to pick up on the lingo here!) the stars were beautiful and it was fun just to sit outside and chat, something we couldn’t be doing at home! Just one more reason we are so blessed to be here.
Today, like I said it rained this morning then we spent some time out by the pool and we just came up for a slight break and some lunch! At the pool I was reading my book Crazy love (which is sooo good I would recommend it to everyone!) but God presented me with an opportunity to talk with a friend Zack who was very honest when he said he didn’t believe in religion but asked to barrow the book when I was done. I am trying to learn to be bold in my faith the way we learned in church before I left. It was no mistake that I was put here and Zack was brought into my life here. I am hoping the we will continue to be given opportunities to talk about these things and God will work on and soften his heart to hear the spirit as well and God giving me the right words to talk with him, I know if I try to do it myself I will screw it up so I need to spend some time in prayer about that. Please pray that I will be given the words to speak to Zack and anyone else God puts in my path while I am here, that I continue to be bold in my faith everywhere I go and not shy away. The jet leg is beginning to wear off; we are able to get on a more normal sleeping pattern and not waking up in the middle of the night, which is great to have. If you could continue to pray that God will be working here in my life and those around me that would be so appreciated. Its only day four and he is already showing up, I can’t wait to see what the next five months bring. He is an amazing God and I know 5 and a half months away from friends and family will be hard at times but if God is working here then this is where I am meant to be right now and it will be a great experience! Thanks for all the love and support from home! I’ll try to get updating as often as I can!

In Him,

Acts 17:28

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Beyond Blessed

semi-overcast 70 °F

Well my body hasn’t adjusted to this time change as well as I thought, it is almost 5am here and I have been up since about 3am here, Hopefully ill fall back asleep soon! Although I did get a lot done in my room it is starting to feel a little homier with some pictures hung and what not.

Ashley and I did a lot yesterday! Went to the bank and got our bank accounts set up and then we were off to the plaza, which is like there mall or shopping center. It was sooo cool and Beautiful! There was a river that ran through the middle and all along the shops were outside with cute little restaurants and shops. We walked around for hours! Inside there were so many stores it was sort of hard to navigate but we did it! They have a target and a kmart how funny is that. When we were at the bank we were telling the lady who was helping us that we were going to go to target and she was like oh you call it target too? She said most people who come from the states still call it “Tarjay” so we fit in by calling it target, we laughed that she knew that. While we were at the plaza we found some bikes that I think we are going to go back for today but we get them in a box and then have to put them together ourselves so wish us luck!! We also got some hangers for our closet so it is nice to have all my stuff out of my suitcase and in my closet. Also it is true, converters don’t work that well, I blew out my hair dryer in the morning so while we were out we both got hair dryers and straighteners (the price of being a girl). We also got tennis rackets and some tennis balls because our apartment is right next to the tennis court!

When we got back from the plaza we played tennis and went swimming, and on our walk back from the uni (what they call the university) we saw our first Kangaroo it was so cool. Although they were a bit different then I thought they would be, it was HUGE and they don’t really hop everywhere they sorta crawl in a rather odd way. But non-the less it was still really cool to see! Ill post pictures soon!

As I write this I am watching the sun come up through my window, I can hear the birds outside and feel the breeze. It reminds me of the way I felt last night as Ashley and I played tennis as the sun set. We are both beyond blessed to be here. This place is amazing, we spend the day seeing surfers on the beach, walking around an amazing plaza, having smoothies in the sun, playing tennis as the sunset, and taking a moonlit swim! And now I get to watch a beautiful sunrise! It rained some yesterday but we didn’t mind because it had been so long since either of us had smelled the sweet sent of a summer rain. Just one more thing that makes us realize how blessed we are. I am so grateful for this opportunity and the experience of a lifetime. I am able to see a part of Gods creation most people have never gotten to see. Reminding myself of how blessed I am to be here helps me not to miss home as much. The first day was rough but yesterday was amazing and I am sure it will only get better! I will continue to seek God through the whole journey and see where he leads staying content right in his hand humbled by his grace every day. His creation is beyond my dreams and I love experiencing it every day. (Even when I get annoyed by some of the noises the birds make here, some of them are really obnoxious)
Well the fact I that it is 5:15am here is catching up to me and I think I will try to get a little more sleep so I am ready for my day. Remember as you go through your day even if you are not here we are all beyond blessed to be living our lives! We get to get up every day and experience life, I am a healthy happy and active 20year old having the time of her life in Australia! I can’t stop smiling about it God has blessed each of us in unique was and as long as you continue to seek him above all else he will continue to bless each of us! How amazing it is that the God of the universe loves you! take that in today, it is really mind blowing but if you continue to remind yourself of that nothing today can be to hard or challenging to get through! Thank you for the continued prayers and support as I continue to adjust to life here on the sunshine coast!

In Him,

Ephesians 3:7

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We made it!

sunny 79 °F

Well I survived the 14hour plane ride and the hour long bus trip up to my "Uni" (australian for university) It took forever for us to get checked into the apartments because they had so many students arrive this morning. after a few hours of waiting and filling out paperwork we got into our apartment, it is not to big but thats okay because hopefully i wont be spending to much time inside unless i am sleeping. So far Ashely and I know we have one other roommate but have yet to meet her because she has not been home while we have been home. We came in got unpacked some and then headed for the store! it was about a 15min walk to the store which we didn't mind because it is so warm and it was nice to be out and walking about. at first the store didn't seem to different but then once we got inside we realized we were in a whole new world, the fruit was priced per Kg and there were so many foods we had never heard of! plus everything was so expensive!! I was happy to find some fruit loops (like the only american thing i could find) i might turn into emily living off PBJ and Cereal. I am sure it will just take some time to adjust to this new way life. It is so crazy to think this will be home for the next 5 months. We stopped at subway for dinner (i know my first meal in a new country and i had subway, sorry Dad) But it looked good and we were hungry. Here they have 7dollar footlongs not 5dollar ones, just one more difference. after that we caught the bus back to the actual university and took the short 5min walk back to the apartment. we unpacked some more and unloaded groceries. now it is time to relax some. Who knows what the night will bring i am so tired and it is only 6pm here(3am your time, no wonder i am tired) maybe a short nap and then out for some food and to meet some people! I am excited and nervous to experience this new place. It has been a day full of emotion, from the excitement of finally being here to a mix of scared, sad, overwhelmed, nerves, happiness, and excitement as i really realized i would be here on my own for 5months there is no going back. then as i saw the beautiful country side the sadness faded and the excitement returned. As I go to bed tonight in this new place for the first time i will be praying for peace and comfort. It is a long ways from home but and journey full of new things that i wouldn't want to miss or give up! God is going to keep showing up in my life even here in Australia Great things are in store and i can't wait to experience them. Thats all i have for now. I am going to try to post a few pictures of my room (it is still rather blah because all the walls are white but i am sure over time pictures and such will brighten it up) also a few from the bus ride, the country side is beautiful! Thanks for all the prayers and support!

In Him,

Ephesians 1:11

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Here Goes Nothing

From LAX!

overcast 60 °F

As I stepped on the plane today there were a few songs running through my head. The first one was Here Goes by Beboe Norman the song is great. It goes “Here goes nothing, here goes everything. Gotta reach for something or you’ll fall for anything. Take a breath, take a step, what comes next God only knows.” This song struck home because that’s where I am at right now in my journey, right at the beginning I have nothing to loose and my whole adventure is ahead of me! God has it under control and as long as I am searching and striving for God’s plan and his will what is there to run from. I just have to take the step forward and trust.
At the same time a song we sang Sunday at church has been on my mind it is called Forever Reign by Hillsong. The line that has been on my heart is such a perfect one. I know that there is not coincidence that we sang the songs we did or I heard the message I did at church Sunday. The line goes like this, “You are Peace You are Peace when my fear is crippling. You are true you are true even in my wandering.”
The line about peace is so true. And I know by submitting any fear I have about this trip God will just surround me with his peace. I have been sent to Australia not by chance but because God has an amazing Plan for my life there. While I am there I want to be bold in my faith the way we are called to be in Acts. I also want to live with an eternal perspective knowing this world is only temporary. Living with the perspective will hopefully help me live for the moment and not what I left at home but setting my eyes on things above and not on things of this world like it tells us in Colossians 3:2. I want to live with my eyes set on the path God has set before me that will ultimately lead me to Heaven! And if that is where I get to spend eternity there why live dwelling in what I left at home and spend time being homesick. I want to live with my eyes set forward knowing God has this whole plan for me, and when I am resting in his arm and his peace I have nothing to fear! We serve and amazing Loving God and that to me is amazing!

Ashley and I have made it safely to LA and in few hours we will head off to a Brisbane. I am not looking forward to the flight the 4 and ½ hour flight to LA was long enough for me so I can’t imagine how I am going to endure the next flight that is 14hours long! Praying for peace and rest so I can be calm and sleep and the time will pass quickly.

Thank you for all the prayers and Love! I will try to update tomorrow when we arrive in Sippy Downs Australia!!!

In Him,

Ephesians 2:10

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One week!!


13 °F

It is hard to believe that one week from today i'll be on a plane to Australia. The last few weeks have flown by and i am sure the next week will be gone in a blink of an eye. Paper work is finalized, doctor appointments are done my checklist is shrinking. Tomorrow is the big packing day then I will be set to go, who knew this day could be here so fast?!?! As the week goes on i am sue nerves will grow but i am trying not to worry knowing God has his whole trip planed for me and he has it all taken care of. I have no need to worry! Please pray for me that my nerves will all just be transformed to pure excitement for the adventure that is before me! Also prayers for the people here at home who will still be here that they will know i am safe and having a great time and that life will be full of joy here for them as well. I have been so blessed being surrounded by such wonderful friends and family and you will all be missed while i am gone but as i used to tell my grandma when I was younger "I will be right back". This week will be crazy but i will enjoy my last week in this winter weather! Pleases come see me before i leave, Sunday from 12 to 3 at my parents house! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for all the prayers already.

In Him,

Jeremiah 29:11 

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