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Hiking and Fun on the sunshine coast

Over the past week we have done a lot of activities on sunshine coast, enjoying our last few weeks here. We have spent time at the beach enjoying the sand, and the sound of the ocean. This one gets me knowing even when I come home I will have a beach only a short drive away there is something about the sound of the waves in the ocean that is so different from lake Michigan and will defiantly be missed. These past few weeks are weeks of last. Last trips to the beaches, last trips to the plaza, last dinners and activities with friends. It is all sinking in a few short days I will be leaving this beautiful place. So we are trying to do all we can to make the most out of these last few days. So between studying and spending time at the beach or the pool Michelle and I have done some hiking and even took a trip to the zoo along with a lovely shopping day at the plaza.

The Zoo was a lot of fun! It was a beautiful day and we hoped on the bus and spent a wonderful afternoon at the zoo. Michelle hadn’t been to the zoo yet so it was her first time there and we had to do it all! She got the chance to hold at Koala and feed the elephants and the kangaroos. We spent the day in the sunshine walking around together enjoying each other’s company and the fun of the zoo!
Over the past few weeks we have done a few hikes. Trying to spend some time outside! We got a chance to head back to Kondialla Falls with a friend who I met in New Zealand they were driving down the coast so we met up with them and spend the afternoon hiking and had a great dinner laughing and talking about New Zealand again.
After Claire left we headed back to the apartments because that night was the end of semester party! So we hung out for a while at the apartments before some of the kids headed to the tavern and the club to dance the night away (I opted for a nice movie night but it was still fun to hang out for a while before hand!)
Over the weekend I got a chance to play in my last soccer game on the coast, which was fun, and we won which is a plus! Have a few movie dates with some good friends here who will be very missed when I come home. And have a lovely shopping date at the plaza with some girls!

Monday was my second exam which they do SO WEIRD here! I was better prepared for the way things would go down for the second one, which calmed me down a little. When you go to take your exams it is much different than taking an exam at home. Everyone takes their exams at the same place they call it the stadium but it is basically the gym. They cover the floor with carpet and put up tables an chairs in long rows. Two chairs to a table and each seat has a number on it. When they call you to go in you have to enter into the building through a specific door and take a number. As soon as you get into the building you have to be completely silent, its like hitting a wall of silence because outside the doors everyone is chatting and talking and as soon as you walk thru the doors dead quite. That was not the only difference. When you are taking your exam there is up to six different exams going on. You sit in your seat and a person on a microphone goes thru and talks about each exam and what you should have in front of you, So much different than home! You can’t touch anything until you are told to do so, your professor is not in the room typically, you have a ten minute perusal time which is like time to just read the exam you can take notes on your scrap paper but that’s all and some exams you aren’t even allowed that. After you are finished with your exam you must wait to be dismissed individually and exit through a certain door. They were really intense about it all, you can’t take any bags or anything into the exams you had to check it at the door and they gave you a number like a coat check. Also their were people walking up and down the aisles watching over you, they would escort you one at a time to the bathroom where you had to sign in with your name, date, time, and student number! All just to go to the bathroom I think it was more strict than the ACT. It was a very different experience than home that is for sure!

Tuesday came a morning of packing, which was so weird. I have my room nearly packed up, pictures are down and most of my clothes are packed away. My room feels like when I first arrived with bare white walls, all that is left is my “I-heart-you” pictures of Emily near my bed. Packing away the last five months of my life is so weird. To have it all sitting in suitcases on my bed is a new feeling. I can’t believe it is nearly over. Leaving the people I have shared everything with for the past five months will be so hard and different. The reality of leaving is setting in daily with the packing nearly finished! In the afternoon Michelle, Zac, Zacs friend Scott and Kim all went to hike in the Glass House Mountains. Michelle’s roommate was so nice enough to give us a ride there so we didn’t have to take a bus train bus! As we drove up we were all pretty surprised at how big it was because Zac said it only took him 20mins to climb! This thing was HUGE! But we were all up for a challenge. So we set off, it took us just under and hour to get up to the top because we took our time enjoying the views and the climb, yes I did say climb not hike because it felt like we were rock climbing at a few points looking straight up a rock face and having to pull ourselves up using small finger and foot holes.
It was an adventurous climb but one that was well worth it. It felt good to be at the top and the view wasn’t bad either!
On our way down we got the chance to catch a beautiful sunset over the other mountains.
Once we were down it was time to head off walking to the train station after about 40mins we finally made it! It was a bit chilly so I was glad I had packed a jumper in my bag. However the walk back to the train station wasn’t all-bad it was a nice night with a beautiful moon so I didn’t mind it. After the train and bus back to school Michelle and I headed to Stephs for dinner and to do some studying for a bit before we headed to bed because we were tired from our long day!

The next morning I was up early to do some last minute studying before my morning exam which after rocking up to the stadium ready to take my final exam I found out my exam was in the afternoon at 12:30 not 8:30! So I had gotten up extra early for nothing though I am thankful that I was early and not late! So I headed to Michelle’s for a morning cup of tea before heading back to my place for some more studying and packing for the weekend.

I am happy to say I made it on time to my final exam and I am completely finished with my semester here on the sunshine coast, what a bitter sweet feeling it is knowing I wont walk to that campus past heaps of Kangaroos for classes again. After exams Michelle and I ran a few last minute errands before heading down to Brisbane to Jet off for our final Holiday in Australia...Perth!

In Him,

Amos 5:24

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