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Our Final Island Bounty Island

Last Fiji one I promise!

Our final stop along the way was supposed to be the very little island of South Sea but when we got onto the boat the ladies in charge on board informed us that we would not be able to go to South Sea today and were being rerouted to Bounty Island because a private party had rented out the entire island of South Sea for the day and night!!! When we got on the boat and were talking to the ladies about us being rerouted a familiar face showed up…Britney! Her and Jon were on the boat headed to their next island too! It was a wonderful surprise and we chatted for a bit about how our nights were and the different islands we were on. it was fun to hear about their night because we had already been on the island they came from. But with the happiness of being reunited came the sadness of goodbyes again. we waved from the side as Brit and Jon headed off to their next stop.

So we arrived on Bounty to more singing and sunshine. We were briefed on meal times and things about the island and brought to our room before we headed back to the beach till dinner. The island there was a nice change from Manta Ray, there were like NO BUGS! It was epic, we also had a nice pool area with chairs to sit around although we did choose to sit down on the beach near the tiki huts! Our first night on the island like most was pretty boring. We walked about and enjoyed the new island had dinner and headed back to he room and chatted with each other and our new roommates who were both very nice! Two boys from Germany.
The next day we were Up and Atom early because we had gone to bed early so we were ready to take on the day! We headed for a great breakfast and then to the beach, first we stopped by the dive shop to talk to the dive guy because they said we could try out the equipment in the pool for FREE! So after we laid in the sun for the morning around 10am we headed for our scuba briefing! After we were taught the basics on land and he showed us all the equipment we headed for the pool. Once we got in the water we were naturals and had to try in the ocean!!
So from the pool we changed our tanks grabbed some flippers and headed for the reef! It was AMAZING! There was a hole other world down there so much more than what you see when you snorkel. We were diving down through caves and holes in the reef. We got to hold some sea cucumbers and starfish, touch different coral and see all sorts of fish. We got to see Nemo again and I felt like the diver in the movie when nemo gets captured coming up behind them with all my scuba bubbles. We had a ball and got to stay under for OVER An HOUR! we could have stayed a bit longer Dean (our dive master) said but we were late for lunch as it was!
After lunch we headed back to the sunshine. Not to much happened in the afternoon just hung out and swam and read some just enjoying our last full day on the islands. At Teatime we meet a group of American kids who were there after volunteering all over the area for two weeks with a program called International Student Volunteers. There were a few from Michigan and even a girl who went to Grand Valley! They were fun to talk to and had some cool stories about their volunteer experiences. After tea and a bit more sun we headed to the dorms to clean up for sunset. We went on a trek through what seemed like the jungle to get to the other side of the island for a beautiful sunset and a nice girly photoshoot! We realized we didn’t have many pictures together so we set up the tripod and gave it a whirl! The great sunset just made the whole night a lot of fun!
We headed back to the dinning area in time for dinner with our roommates who were nice as always we got to talk about so many things. They were very interesting. after dinner we headed towards the bar area to socialize and hang out, none of the four of us were must for drinking so we stayed kinda on the outskirts the boys played pool and Michelle and I just sat and talked and watched. After the boys headed back to the room Matthew one of the workers who we had talked to a few times asked us to play pool with him, we both said we couldn’t really play but he promised to teach us so we gave it a try, needless to say we got our butts kicked! After pool we walked down towards a kava ceremony and then walked around to the other side of the island to see it and watch the stars till the clouds blew in then it was time for bed! It was a great last day and night in Fiji.

Our last morning started with a great breakfast pancakes included! Then some sunshine and back to breakfast about an hour later for another piece of toast and cup of tea, we also slipped a few pieces of bread in a baggy for later because our boat was coming just before lunch and we wont be home till around 7:30 or 8pm tonight! So we needed some food for the way home. After a second breakfast brought the last of our sunshine till we had to pack up and catch our boat for the main land. We made it safely to the airport and all through security as I type this we are awaiting our plane enjoying our last bit of time in Fiji.

We are sad to be leaving the sunshine and the island life but are ready to head back to clean clothes, clean beds, and a clean shower! Back to exams and the life of a uni student. Excited to see what our last three weeks bring between a trip to Perth to visit a friend, packing and enjoying the beaches around us! I know God has big plans for our last bit of time here and after having some time to relax and refocus on him I am learning to be content and not stress about the time ahead or the transition home. Knowing God has it all in control and following his word in Philippians 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God” with that I can take comfort in knowing when I return home God has the plan, He cares for me and his plan is better than I could imagine so there should be no stress. We have a lot planed along with exams for the last three weeks so pray that our time with friends, travels, and activities all goes smoothly and we have a wonderful time enjoying this remaining time on the sunshine coast! See you all in a matter of weeks!!

In Him,

Philippians 4:6

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