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Island Five - Mantaray

A one night stopover

We were greeted on shore the same way we have been everywhere we have gone with a lovely welcoming song and a few big Bula chants! Everywhere we go there are a few lovely staff standing on the beach guitar and all singing a welcoming song as we step off onto the short of their island. We also received a wonderful welcoming drink like we have at other islands but this one was cold! It was an orange and grenadine SLUSH! Yum! After filling out or check in paperwork and hearing about the activities and meal times we headed up to our dorm to set our things down. Then we were off to the beach for the small amount of sunshine left! It was a quite afternoon on the beach for Michelle and I, we munched on a few cookies we had gotten for teatime but missed teatime at Mantaray so we just ate them on the beach. we sat and talked some, played some cribbage (yes I won! I am getting good now!!) over all our moods were a bit somber still from saying goodbye and we were feeling a bit lonely being a twosome again. once the sun went down we showered and headed up to the dinning area to wait for dinner.
Dinner was AMAZING! We got a few choices of meals and they came around and took your “order” it was almost like a restaurant. And my pasta was GREAT!!! Michelle had fish and she said it was good as well. we also got Desert! YUM! We loved the food at Mantaray. After a fantastic dinner we headed for the dorms to do some reading and head to bed. We were exhausted after spending the day in the sun, and the boat and saying our goodbyes. Funny how doing nothing in the sun wears you out so much! Our beds were covered in Misquote netting. This was different to sleep in but I suppose it worked because I woke up bug bite free! It was a challenge to get in and out of bed once you put the netting down, I would know because I of course had to get up to use the bathroom in the night! The bathrooms on the island were also very weird. They were waterless toilets, basically “high tech” holes in the ground! Very different and I am still not so sure how I feel about them!

Our next morning brought a lovely swing in the hammocks before breakfast, I am sure going to miss the hammocks when I head home! Breakfast was another Great tasting meal! I was so full by the time we were done eating because it was a buffet and So Tasty! After breakfast we packed up and headed for the beach, another day of sunshine and reading! We played some cards in the morning in-between our reading and swims to cool down.
Lunch was great once again, we were sad to leave the wonderful food! We headed back to the beach for some fish feeding and to get a few pictures on the beach, because we realized we didn’t really have many together or even of each other! A girl we had met who was from Michigan! And actually goes to UofM! Came and took some pictures for us because we had taken some for her and her friend earlier that day. She got really into the whole picture taking and had us posing all sorts of ways! It was fun to get some pictures together!
Then it was time for our farewell song and all the staff came to shake our hands to say thank you and good-bye. As we were waiting for the boat to come Michelle was making a string bracelet for her roommate Sam and some of the staff came over and saw her making it and was like oh I want one I want one. So she gave away one she had already made to be nice even though she had really made it for a friend. Then another came over and saw them and was like make me one make me one??? So we were franticly making bracelets for the native guys who worked on this island, it was stressful and rushed. But we got them done in time and were off to meet our boat to head to our final Island! All and all another great day in Fiji!

  • **Sunshine coast update***

Today marked the two week left point in my journey here. I think it hit both Michelle today as we sat by the pool talking about what we would miss most and what we were looking forward to seeing back home. We both agreed we would miss the people and the overall environment of the sunshine coast. We have been trying to pack some last minute fun stuff here on the sunshine coast while we can. although our plans for the day didn't work out to well we are hoping for a trip to the zoo tomorrow! Yesterday I had a wonderful visitor, my friend Claire (who i met and spent a lot of time with in New Zealand) and her Boyfriend were driving down the coast from Cairns and finally made it sippy downs! We spent the afternoon hiking in the rainforest at Kondalilla Falls and then had dinner together laughing and reminiscing about our great time in New Zealand. It was a wonderful afternoon and evening before they headed out to finish their trip to Brisbane. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful people and to be able to have friends all over the world! I look forward to the day I end up in London and get to see Claire again! We hope the last two weeks go smoothly, stress and anxiety free, Michelle and i have one last trip planed after our final exam next week which includes a Perth to visit my friend Abby (also from New Zealand) We can't wait to see another great friend again. Please keep us in our prayers as we wrap up exams, packing, final travels and prepare to head back to the states. It will be an emotional last few weeks full of fun activities, studying, good byes and packing. I will be seeing you all again soon!

In Him,

Philippians 2:14-16

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