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Korovou Day Two

An action packed day!!

We had an AMAZING DAY today at Korovou. After coming yesterday and a few setbacks with electricity and roommate drama in the middle of the night we weren’t so sure about this island and we were missing the beautiful island of Waya Lalali but after today we don’t want to move on tomorrow.

We woke up early because we had gone to bed so early last night. So we were up and ready to go nice and early, so we headed down towards the beach to read in the Hammocks till breakfast it was fabulous. I don’t think doing devotions and journaling in a hammock with the sound of the ocean as the sun come up could ever get old. It was a very peaceful morning and I just reminded me again how blessed and grateful I am for this opportunity.
After having a great pancake and pineapple breakfast (the pineapple here is so good we love having it!) we headed back to our hammocks for a bit because they were just so wonderful. After a little more time we headed for the pool to set up camp in the sunshine. We were only by the pool for a short time when our morning of activities started. First on the list for the morning was fish feeding! It was really fun except I learned the hard way not to put your hands in the water when other people are feeding the fish around you because they will bite your fingers! We used the left over pancakes to feed them and they came up nearly on shore. There were heaps of fish to feed and feeding them didn’t ever get old it was a great first activity!
After fish feeding we were down on the beach and ended up meeting a nice couple on holiday from California and we chatted with them a bit before heading up to the deck for a lesson in coconut husking and cracking. We didn’t get to really try this but the guys assured us tomorrow morning we could give it a try and it was still fun to watch!
After we did that and got to eat some of the coconut, of which I am not a huge fan of but Michelle loves (so I told her id be sure to always send her one from the keys) we got the chance to climb up a coconut tree. The guys taught us the climbing technique and it was pretty fun. A bit scarier then I thought it would be when you got up high but still fun!
Our morning did not end there, we had to do something with the coconuts we just pulled out of the tree so the guys got their machete and we chopped off the tops to give the milk a try. This was MUCH harder than it looked but fun to have tried. I wasn’t to keen on the coconut milk drinking but I gave it a try. It was sweeter than I expected but still not something I wanted to drink a ton of .
Once we finished all those lovely and eventful morning activities we laid in the sun some and then went for a lovely swim while the tide was high. It is much easier to swim in salt water then it is fresh water! The water was so clear and blue you could swim with your head above the water and still see the bottom and the coral perfectly. The cold water felt wonderful and so refreshing from the hot sunshine. We got out with enough time to dry off before lunchtime. After lunchtime it was time for more reading and sunbathing with another swim before afternoon tea(which is amazing here). But before all this even we took a walk/hike to the other side of the island to what is known as Honeymoon beach. It was BEAUTIFUL! Like the postcards of Fiji! We did a bit of swimming and played in the sand some. It was a great afternoon trip before heading back to the sunshine by the pool.
Then we ended up talking and hanging out with some of the native boys who ended up being around out age they were very nice and ended up taking us sunset set fishing in kayaks because no enough people signed up to take a real boat, this was really nice of them because they didn’t have to they could have just cancelled the trip! So our fishing adventures began with a search for bait….Hermit Crabs! We walked the beach with a big bucket picking up crabs to take with us for bait, we got heaps of them!
Then after we got our bait we dragged the boats to the water and set off on our sunset fishing adventures! The sunset was amazing and even better from the water. Once the sunset we stayed out fishing for another hour maybe hour and a half so our sunset fishing trip ended up being a moonlit fishing trip, which was great fun as well! and to top it all off I caught the only fish of the night! Even though we really only caught one fish (mine!) it was a fantastic night swapping stories and learning about Fiji and the island we were on and about their coulters as they learned about ours.
We headed in from fishing when we heard the dinner drums! After dinner we headed back to our room and change into dry clothes before the Bula dance of the night. Some of the boys danced on the deck for us before once again making everyone get up and dance with them.
While we danced we bumped into a few girls who were also from the states. Come to find out they were both also from Minnesota which is where Michelle is from and go to the University in Michelle’s home town and one is best friends with Michelle’s neighbor! Honestly could the world get much smaller!?! After all the dancing was down we headed to the beach for a lovely bonfire in the sand! This was wonderful! It is something I have wanted to do for so long and we finally got to do it! It made me excited for summer bonfires back home! We sat by the fire for a few hours talking and they passed a guitar around so we heard lots of different songs and just had a great time. At one point after going around and saying your name and country we went through and had to sing your national anthem I said I felt like I was at the Olympics hearing all the national anthems it was pretty neat.
Our day turned out better than I could have asked for! We had so much fun in everything we did and are sad to be leaving this place tomorrow. We are getting up early to once again hike to honeymoon beach for the sunrise with our new Minnesota friends Audrey and Jenna. We want to get as much as we can in before leaving tomorrow enjoying everything we can do here in Korovou. But we are still excited to see what our next island brings, learning you can’t judge a book by its cover or I suppose an island by its beach! Now its time to head to bed because we have to be up and ready to hike nice and early!

In Him,

2 Corinthians 3:18

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