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Waya Lalali

Day Two

It is out last night in Waya Lalali, we will be sad to leave such a beautiful island in the morning but are excited to venture on to see what else Fiji has to offer! Today was another great day of sunshine and fun! After a cereal breakfast which surprised us some because we had been spoiled by our last islands breakfast that had pancakes, heaps of fruit, toast and jam, and best of all and egg station where you could have an omelet or fried eggs or even poached eggs, So Good! So this morning was a change and we made it work sitting in the sunshine on the deck there really wasn’t much to complain about!

Once we finished eating we headed back to the room to pack up a few things for our reef snorkeling trip! This was amazing! Our boat trip out to the reef was a little wet, we fit 15people on one of these little boats they have an I think that’s why we were getting so splashed in the back (a little to much weight for the boat!) Once we got out to the reef the water was crystal clear and pretty calm. We jumped right in. Even where the coral was deep you could see it perfect because the blue water so amazingly clear! We followed our guide and snorkeled around for a bit. Our guide brought along a long skinny metal poll and a spring along with a bamboo leave, you may wonder why….well he was SPEARING FISH! When we were like right next to him it was crazy! He did it with such ease and precision! He did miss a few times but he ended up with some fish on his makeshift rope, needless to say I was impressed! We kept snorkeling around enjoying in amazement the beautiful colors of the fish and the reef till we got to a bit of a cove and our guide began to pull off one of the fish and scratch it up, heaps of little fish began swarming around him. And then they started to come…Yup you guessed it the SHARKS! They were chasing him around in a circle as he twirled around underwater holding on to the dead fish. Then he would put his hand up in the air out of the water and they would dart away usually towards us, the first time one of them swam at me I was pretty frightened then we all got used to them swimming around us. At one point I think I counted seven different sharks swimming around us. We got a chance to reach out at touch them as they swam around us, they felt strong and their skin was tough and kind of leathery feeling. Over all a great time snorkeling!
After we got back from out trip we laid in the sunshine until lunchtime! After lunch it was time to head back to the beach for a few hours. Michelle fell asleep and I did some reading! After a few hours we took a nice walk down the beach collecting some lovely sea glass and took a short swim. We also met a nice native girl who seemed to be about our age, she wrote our names in the sand “Hannah Bula Michelle” so we could see it from the deck of the dinning area when we went back up there later that day. We went up and took pictures before showering for dinner as we watched the sunset!
Once we got back to our towels a few clouds had come out so we were contemplating what to do when some native boys were playing Volleyball so we decided to join them. This ended up being around a two hour round of beach volleyball as the teams changed up as the boys had to come and go, it was a blast! Once we were to tired to play anymore we headed for another swim to get all of our sand off and cool down it felt GREAT! Plus the tide was high so it made swimming much easier.
Then we headed back to the rooms to shower and change before dinner. We had a little time to relax before heading down to dinner so Michelle did a bit of reading and I loaded our pictures on to my computer so I could organize them into days for these post so hopefully I can update you soon!

Dinner was good as usual, we had a bake potato that was so great, I think it may be the first time I have had a baked potato in nearly five months! YUM! After dinner we stayed down on the deck in hopes of catching another dance but because it is the weekend no dancing happened. But we did meet some very nice boys to play cards with! Two of them were from Poland and one from Belgium. We taught them how to play a few American games, of course Kings Corner was first on the list, then Matthew our friend from Belgium wandered off to have some kava with the natives so Christopher and Rob our two new Polish friends taught us a Polish card game! I also got a chance to ask some questions about Polland and what not, trying to learn about my heritage. Chris was trying to teach us how to say his full name and then began telling us what it meant, I don’t recall what it actually meant but I did ask what Zych meant, sorry to say Grandpa Ray it doesn’t mean anything besides it just being a last name. The game they taught us how to play was called Makau (said kinda like Ma-cow) it was kinda fun and I did win once but I think they were making it up as we went along, every few hands they would add more rules and usually to help them out! It was still fun and now I can say I know a Polish card game and how to say Hello. We are back in our rooms now and it is around 11pm we are headed to bed now so we can get up early and meet our new friends to go on a hike after breakfast before catching our boat to the next island! Tomorrow should be another great day in Fiji. We are praying that the weather remains good and our next Island is even better than this one!

In Him,

1 Thessalonians 4:11

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You can come home now Hannah, your trip is complete. You met a polish friend. Nothing can top that now!!!! Love you!!!

by brendykema

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